Meeting Dame Edna Megastar, 1991
Klaus Kamolz, born 1963 in Villach in the south of Austria, lives in Vienna. He started to study journalism at the university of Vienna but soon found himself working fulltime for a major newspaper. In 1989 he joined Austria`s leading weekly news magazine "profil" where he covered topics of media and arts. In 1998 he was assigned a lifestyle and arts editor with the then newly founded news magazine "Format"; in 2000 he joined the science staff of this magazine.

Since 2004 Kamolz operates a freelance writers office in Vienna. He contributes to major Austrian and German news and science magazines as well as to several food magazines. Furthermore he is involved in structural developement work for media and the editing of non fiction books.

Science work includes features of NASA missions such as Deep Impact and the history of lunar rocks brought to earth by Apollo astronauts.

Articles on psychological topics for instance deal with Marilyn Monroe`s psychoanalytical case history Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts love for anal folk speech and the rise of superstitious beliefs in the 21st century.

Klaus Kamolz is the author of several non fiction books. With Andreas Hutter he published a biography of film director Billy Wilders early years in Europe. His culinary experience is featured in some essay collections on the history of eastern european cuisine.

Klaus Kamolz
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